3 reasons Indigo is everything this spring

You are liberated. Indigo is the perfect color for the “free spirits.” Indigo lovers are out of the box thinkers and would never allow popular fashion trends to dictate our sense of style. We deliberately break every fashion rule imaginable, are not bound by designer labels, and pull off the deep blue to violet color flawlessly, causing a serious commotion wherever we go.

  Your confidence level is measuring off the charts. Boldly go anywhere you’d like wearing an unbreakable smile backed by the intensity of Indigo. Whether on top, on the bottom, or from head-to-toe, wearing Indigo demands attention; be sure you’re confident enough to handle the “all eyes on me” that Indigo brings with it.

 You’re driven by passion. Go-getters stand up because if there is any color in the crayon box that matches your passion; it’s Indigo! Indigo reflects great devotion and promotes deep concentration. If dream-chasing is on your schedule, then there is no better color than Indigo to help add fuel to your passionate fire!

 Here’s a plus, Indigo according to many color psychologists, also represents a dedication to service. And when you donate to Goodwill, you’re supporting life-changing services for individuals with disabilities and local veterans by helping to provide successful pathways to employment for thousands. And since spring is just about here, why not clean out those closets, basements, attics, and yes even the garage, then donate those back of mind items to Goodwill and keep dreaming in Indigo! 

Alisha Moore
Fashion Advisor