A perfect ‘Girl’s Night Out’ outfit brought to you by Goodwill

While the countdown to spring is underway, unfortunately, we still have to deal with winter’s blistering cold temperatures, at least for a little while longer.  So when you’re planning a fun-filled evening out with the girls, finding the right fit for the cold weather can be a bit challenging. How to accent those biceps you’ve been working on all winter or show a little leg or midriff without freezing nearly to death. Have no fear Goodwill is here to help you find a happy medium with a few great Girls’ ‘cold’ Night Out outfit ideas:

Sweater Dress – The sweater dress is a classic winter look that serves up warmth while also serving up fabulous! Pair your dress with knee or thigh-high boots or try leggings, tights and furry ankle boots and you’re warm and winning! Take your sweater dress further and throw a vest and scarf over it and you’re good to go!

Corduroy – Skip the denim and go with a great pair of corduroys because this year, corduroy is back and better than ever! And what article of clothing brings more joy than corduroy in the winter? Step out into the brisk winter air in your cord trousers matched with a silky button-up or how about a sophisticated neck-tie bow blouse? However, don’t be afraid to be ‘dressy casual’ when you wear your cords with a graphic or expressive T-shirt for a cool, calm and classic look perfect for a night out with the girls!

Sparkle girl, sparkle – Don’t let winter slow you down, embrace all your femininity when you opt to go with a sparkle! Sparkle pants, sparkle top, shoes or go for broke and shine head to toe! Whatever you choose, adding some over the top apparel is always a winning look no matter the season. Level up your sparkle look by adding an animal print to the mix!

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Alisha Tyler
Fashion Advisor