All of your favorite Throwbacks only at Goodwill

We’ve all heard the saying everything old is new again, but we never really think about how true this statement is until we see someone dressed like a previous decade walk by us on the street. And just like that, we are thrown into a time capsule reminiscing on the good ole’ days, what we were doing, what songs were playing on the radio, and of course, our high school squad. Regardless of how you feel about seeing your 20 years younger self walk by you, one thing is for sure, great fashion looks never go out of style! That said, let’s talk about a few big trends from the past that have resurfaced today that we are totally okay with:

The Jean Jacket  Whether you wear the collar up or down, owing an ‘all that and a bag of chips’ denim jacket or two is a must as it is the quintessential fashion staple for every season and yeah every event informal and yes formal if worn correctly. 

 Denim Overalls Undeniably one of the best looks of the 90s, overalls one strap down and the other strap up or even covered in graffiti art, give you that fun ‘moving with your Auntie and Uncle to Bel Air’ feeling 20 years later.

Flannel This is not your father’s flannel. Today’s flannel is casual, chic, and full of girl power, especially over a plain white or concert t-shirt or tank. Feel free, though, to deep dive into the look by tying the flannel shirt around your waist for a full-on ‘Ooohhh on the TLC Tip’ type of look.

  Chokers Nothing says girlie girl like an ultra-feminine choker. Add bling to an all-black outfit or bring the drama with a bold gold Cleopatra style choker and turn an ‘As If’ look real ‘Fly’ quickly! 

 Do you know what else never goes out of style? The feeling you get when you’ve done something good for someone else. And that’s precisely how you’ll feel when you donate or shop with Goodwill. Each year, Goodwill helps an average of 3500 people to become tax-paying productive citizens in our community. For more than 100 years, Ohio Valley Goodwill has applied the funds generated from our very generous shoppers and donors to help individuals with disabilities, and other barriers to employment receive necessary skills training to obtain jobs in the Greater Cincinnati area. And let’s face it, helping people will never go out of style!

Alisha Moore-Woolfork
Fashion Advisor