All those in favor of Summer Shades; say EYE!

Spring and summer sun means your shade game has to match your sense of fashion style. Let’s face it; you can’t come through dripping in the latest fit and not have the shades to match. No worries, Goodwill has you covered for the latest looks in not only clothing and shoes but stunner shades to match! See the top three stunner shade looks you’ll find at Goodwill for the low.

Mirrored – The only thing they’ll be able to see is your shine this summer when you pull up in your mirrored shades. Give your mirrored specks an extra pop when you eliminate all other accessories and let your shades be the star of the show! Classy, stylish and fun are just a few things you’ll feel wearing mirrored eye-wear this summer.

Classic Black – If you’re old enough to remember the 80s song; “I wear my sunglasses at night,” you’ll understand the aura of ‘cool’ which resonates from your outer being when you’re wearing ‘throwback’ classic black shades. And if you’re still feeling nostalgic, go ahead and kick it even older school with some signature 50s skinny frame looking sunglasses which by the way have made a huge come back this year. Either way, you choose to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, nothing quite completes your outfit like a pair of awesome classic throw-back black sunglasses.

Tinted – Why rock your tinted shades this summer? Because they were custom made for anyone dead set on going against the fashion grain, which is always on trend in my opinion. Even though your outfit may appear to some as if you don’t care about fashion, true hipsters know just as much thought goes into a no boundaries, carefree fashion choice as it does when making a point to wear what’s in style.

Know where else you can cop a pair of sunglasses while also promoting a worthy cause? The Treasure Island Gift Shop located right in the center of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Tri-County Retail Store, The only one of its kind, Treasure Island is a unique island that offers much more than eyewear. Find everything from jewelry, glassware, crystal, handbags, and all sorts of seasonal items hand selected by our team of 30 volunteers that maintain and operate the store. Stop by The Treasure Island Gift Shop Monday through Saturday 10 am until 4 pm or call (513) 771-4804 for more information.



Alisha Tyler,
Fashion Advisor