Baby shopping at Goodwill – Easy as 1, 2, 3.

From 2 a.m. feedings, and diaper changes, to early morning breakfast making, not feeling good sneezes, temperature taking gotta stay home from work because my child is sick days, it’s safe to say being a Mom is no easy task. But have no fear Mom, Goodwill is here to make shopping for baby and children of all ages as simple as “ABC.”

Mom, you’re going to want to peep these three fall and winter essentials you absolutely cannot do without if you’re planning to get through the sniffle season successfully.


PJ’s – Footed PJ’s, in my opinion, are the best PJ’s in the world! There is nothing warmer on a cold night then lounging comfortably in a pair of front zip PJ’s. Choose from bold, bright colors or go the traditional route with popular cartoon characters styles sure to make your little one smile, even when he or she is battling a case of the sore throat, coughing spell, runny nose blues. Excited yet? Well, how about this, take PJ’s one step further when you buy matching Mommy and baby footed PJ’s turning sick days into fun days while creating memories that will last a lifetime for both you and your little darling.

Socks, house slippers – Prepare to get cozy in a great pair of socks or house slippers from Goodwill. You’ll find super soft, warm and fluffy styles for every size foot in our vast selections and don’t forget you can also get socks with grips to avoid slipping and sliding when you walk on those cold hardwood floors. Stir things up with multi-colored toe socks or furry Moccasin slippers all guaranteed to fight off the cold over the upcoming long winter months.

Blankets – What says I love you more than Mom and her little one(s) snuggled up under a nice warm blanket/blankie? Sharpen your Netflix and chill game curled up under a comfortable light to medium-weight fleece or flannel blanket and avoid the itchiness associated with wool. You and baby can’t help but feel like you’re being rocked to sleep under the warmth and softness of a soothing fleece throw blanket. And for even more comfort try this: consider placing a fleece blanket over your mattress and under your fitted mattress sheet to make your bed a little softer and cozier, and to help prevent heat from escaping into the air pockets in your mattress. “It’s like a warm and toasty fleece blanket sandwich, with you and your little ones in the middle.” (American Blanket Company)

We know you expect to save money on necessary clothing items for yourself and baby, but did you know Goodwill holds a public car auction every Saturday? It’s true, and in usual Goodwill fashion, you can get an affordable used, reliable car from Goodwill’s auto auction held every Saturday. To preview the weekly line-up visit, then head on over to the Woodlawn Goodwill location on Saturday at 8 am and place your bid promptly at 9 am. Be sure to register with a valid driver’s license or photo identification to get your bid number. Drop a $100 cash deposit then fill out a registration form and sign the terms and conditions report. If your bid is the highest, you get the car at your winning bid price. If your submission is not accepted, your $100 deposit will be returned to you once the auction is over; it’s that simple! To learn more or to view this week’s line-up, hit up the website and get your bid on!

Alisha Tyler
Fashion Advisor





Peep – to look or check out.
Hit up – to go to, or visit.
Bid on – to participate.


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