Catch Me I’m ‘Falling’ for Fall with Goodwill

Color is the very definition of fall. Think about it; falling leaves in a bouquet of colors and yellow school buses driving by add brightness to those crisp fall mornings. Why let mother earth have all the fun with color this fall when you can join in by adding new exciting fall colors to your wardrobe. Not sure where to start? No worries, keep reading for all the fall “tea” you can handle!

  Merlot – Whether you call it wine or burgundy, this striking color is sure to make every girl or boy feel powerful yet playful this season. Find this dynamic color in everything from tops to coats and boots and enter the room like you own it adding depth and richness to any outfit.

 Tiger – Or as we call it around here orange. Orange is one of those colors that bring with it ‘fearless energy.’ It’s bold and abrasive but flattering at the same time on just about every skin tone. Be daring this fall and pair your orange with unlikely colors like bright pink or neutral colors like beige, tan or taupe.

 Evening Blue – Navy blue’s older sister can be easily mistaken for black from a distance, making it next to impossible to clash with other colors. This shade of blue is elegant, sophisticated and formal, but is also a go-to clutch color for the ultimate casual look paired with ripped jeans and cute animal print ankle booties.

 With all the fall shopping you’ll be doing, you’ll need to make room in your closet. Here’s an idea! Donate those clothes you’ve been storing way in the back to Goodwill. We’ll be hanging out with Chris and Janeen from WGRR at Coney Island on September 7th from 9 am – 1 pm. Admission is free, so celebrate the end of summer by donating your gently used clothing items to Goodwill and help someone with disabilities find work in the community. Goodwill– we’re making it easy to do good!

Alisha Moore-Woolfork
Fashion Advisor

Translation: “tea” – information.