Cross-Body Craze Happening Right Now at Goodwill

Let’s face it, ladies, we are obsessed with carrying everything we need and don’t need in our purses. The bigger, the better when it comes to our bags, right? However, there are those moments when just a few items will do; enter the almighty cross-body! Cross-body bags help to free up our hands and give our shoulders a much-needed break thank goodness from the weight of a big overbearing purse. So we can walk more freely at the amusement park, hang out with girlfriends at our favorite winery or bar, and of course, go on a nature walk, or check out the sights while on vacation. And if it’s a cute yet affordable cross-body, you’re looking for; then Goodwill is the place for you. Let’s talk more about three reasons adding various cross-body styles to your purse collection are essential:

No pockets? No worries, your cross-body is perfect for your cell phone, lipstick or gloss, and compact. Don’t forget your driver’s license and debit/credit card for those spur of the moment purchases and hand lotion; a girl must always moisturize after washing her hands, right?

 Free up your hands with this cute but dressy side piece while you dance the night away on the floor with your girls. All you’ll do is win no matter what you decide to wear with this scene-stealing cross-body bag. And once you hit that dance floor and those hands go up, they’ll stay there indefinitely, well, at least until closing time.

 Hit the ground running with a sporty cross-body bag perfect for enjoying the scenery on an enlightening nature walk or taking in the views while on vacation. Plus, your items are easy to hold on to when you are headed down the hill and straight into an upside down ‘loop’ riding a roller coaster at your favorite amusement park this summer.

 And speaking of loops, don’t be thrown into one unexpectedly when you arrive at one of our donation centers only to learn we are unable to accept your gracious donation. Simply visit our website  beforehand for a list of items we can and cannot accept. Then see a list of donation sites throughout the Greater Cincinnati area ready to assist you with your donations. Receive a tax-deductible receipt once your items have been received then feel good knowing we’re all working together to preserve our precious planet Earth

Alisha Moore-Woolfork,
Fashion Advisor