Day Time to Night Time, Real Quick!

Friday’s are all about the after five gathering with the girls; you and a few of your best girlfriends getting together for a couple of adult beverages partnered with a whole lot of laughs—can you think of a better way to kick off the weekend? Neither can we; but here’s something that comes close, becoming a master at turning your Friday work outfit into a nighttime ‘stunner’ with a little help from Goodwill of course!

Let’s begin with your outfit’s foundation, jeans, and t-shirt: Causal Friday’s at work often means everyone’s favorite go-to; jeans, t-shirt and sneakers for the ultimate feeling and look of comfort while moving through your 9-5 duties with the greatest of ease. And because it’s been so cold lately, you’re probably sporting a hoodie on top of that t-shirt or wearing a heavy cardigan for apparent reasons.

But when the official duties are done, go from desk to drinks real quick by exchanging your hoodie for a blazer and switching from sneakers to booties then voila, ‘big drippin’.

Add over the top jewelry like earrings and or a necklace, and you’re in the game, as a starter no doubt, #winning! Ladies, the days of packing an obscenely huge duffle bag are over, thanks to Goodwill!

*Casual Friday’s at work                                                                             *After Work Dazzle

Mannequin dressed in white tshirt with blue jeansMannequin dressed in white tshirt, gray cardigan, and blue jeans       Mannequin dressed in pink blazer with blue jeansMannequin dressed in pink blazer with blue jeans

Keep reading for a few other options to help you successfully change your work look to an evening showstopper– easily.

Goodwilll mannequins dressed in different styles

  • The little black dress (LBD)
  • Jumpsuits
  • Silk blouse with jeans

Elizabeth Goodwill success story

And by now you know that Goodwill is the best choice for the hottest fashions anywhere in the Greater Cincinnati area. Not only can you find spectacular clothing shoes and accessories, but you’ll also spend way less money and find reassurance in knowing your hard earned dollars go towards a worthy local cause. For example, meet Elizabeth and read her wonderful story right here.


Alisha Tyler, Fashion Advisor

Alisha Tyler,

Fashion Advisor

Translation – ‘big dripping’ a stunning or amazing sense of style.