“Do you,” the world will catch up!

I don’t know about you, but I find it so very hard to find the perfect outfit sometimes. That’s because I’m always thinking about the ensemble as a whole; shoes, pants or shorts, top, jacket/sweater, makeup, and of course, how I’m going to wear my hair. And let’s face it, ladies, if you’re anything like me, once you’re done fussing over an outfit, you soon discover the absolute truth; there is no such thing as a perfect outfit. That’s why this summer my goal is to “do me.” And what exactly does that mean? It means wearing clothing I like despite trends, seasons, or any other fashion rules society tries to throw at me. Join my movement this summer and discover three great reasons why not orange but “doing you” this fashion season is the new black.

Freedom – Having your very own sense of fashion and style plays a big part in how confident we feel. And we all know confidence is a crucial element that helps us land the perfect job, or get the guy. Therefore, go for what you know with undeniable certainty when you break every fashion rule in the book this year! Like Nike, Just Do It! 

Comfort –  What’s better than entering a room ‘flawless,’ yet still feeling comfortable, um nothing! That’s why when doing you, be sure to do it comfortably. It’s always best to do what feels right even if that means sneakers and a dress, a business suit and a great pair of flats, or a skirt with flip flops- it’s all about what makes you feel comfortably beautiful!

Affordability –  Designer labels are quite trendy these days, but let’s face it, they are hardly within reach for many of us financially. Thank goodness for Goodwill because if designer labels are your thing, then shopping any one of our 18 Goodwill stores; especially the boutiques;  allows you to pop designer tags like a pro knowing you didn’t break the bank!

 With so many other pressing issues happening in the world, worrying about what to wear doesn’t always have to be one of them. Besides, when you free your mind of the small stuff, it makes way more room for urgent issues like for instance, the 2019 HCDDS Levy Campaign. The current levy provides 75% of the funds needed for Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services, (HCDDS), to continue offering their critical services for children and adults with DD in Hamilton County. This November, ensure people with disabilities continue to get a fair share of the pie when you support the critical HCDDS Levy campaign. For more details, hit the link. https://www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/ohio-valley-goodwill-pleased-to-support-hcdds-levy-at-hamilton-county-hearing/.  

Alisha Moore-Woolfork,
Fashion Advisor