Don’t sweat it. Goodwill has everything you’ll need to get your workout on in style

Exercise enthusiasts who have a busy lifestyle know all too well that active wear is not only for working out but should also be stylish enough to wear outside the gym for things like; running errands, going out to lunch with friends or traveling. ‘Athleisure’ as it’s called allows you to wear the same clothes to sweat at the gym that you’re wearing just to kick it. And if it’s ‘athleisure’ wear you’re looking for, look no further than Goodwill. See these amazing tips that are guaranteed to help you ‘werk’ your athletic look whether you’re working out or not.

Casual Friday – after a long work week who’s not looking forward to dressing down on Friday. ‘Athleisure’ clothing lets you head straight to the gym after work without having to worry about a change of clothes. Also, feel free to move comfortably around the office building when you’re wearing high performance clothing that moves with you should you decide to take the stairs or walk during your lunch break. Get fit, feel good and look good knowing you got it at Goodwill.

Around the house – let’s face it, it’s just more economically convenient for some of us to workout at home. And yes, cleaning the house, doing laundry and chasing after kids are considered exercises. But after the cleaning and laundry tasks are done, and the kids are down for a nap, indulge in a little ‘me time’ by whipping up a batch of delicious good for you homemade cookies or muffins wearing your ‘althleisure’
wear of course.

Strong stripes – as Queen Bey so eloquently said, “a little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody.” Make a strong statement in striped leggings and bra tops as you lift your way to a more toned body. To get the most life out of your ‘athleisure’ gear, here are a few do’s and don’ts when washing them according to

  1. Do turn everything inside-out to protect colors.
  2. Do soak ‘athleisure’ wear in a mixture of cold water and a half cup of white
    vinegar for 15-30 minutes to help eliminate odors before washing. For extra
    freshness, add a cap full of vinegar to the washing machine during the wash
  3. Do use a small amount of liquid detergent
  4. Don’t use fabric softener on your athletic clothing as it damages everything that
    stretches and traps in odors
  5. Do air dry your active wear as dryer heat can cause shrinkage.

Goodwill is an environmentally responsible organization recycling more than 54 million pounds of donated materials each year, diverting them from area landfills. For more than 100 years, Goodwill has successfully served individuals within the local community. And as we prepare to move into a new century of service, Goodwill’s prominence in the community and reputation as an outstanding provider of vocational services will continue to grow. Buying from one of Goodwill’s 17 retail locations  is more than just shopping, it’s retail therapy you can feel good about.

Alisha Tyler
Fashion Advisor




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