Fashion in the Key of Goodwill

Does summertime mean concert time? You better believe it does, and what better feeling is there than copping a couple of pair of tickets to the hottest music festival or concert of the year? But once the mixed bag of high emotions settles, you’re going to want to focus on putting together a stylish yet comfortable fit for the occasion. And as always, you can count on your friend Goodwill to help you with all of that. Take a look at these 3 fantastic concert looks brought to you by Goodwill. We promise these ideas are music to your ears!

Tanks & T’s, Jeans and Sneakers – If you’re attending an outdoor concert or festival with your girls and you know there will be a lot of walking, or you’re seated in a grassy/lawn area, you’re going to want to dress for comfort. That’s why jeans, tanks, tees, and sneakers fit the bill best. For an even more original look add your fashion stamp by decorating the shirts with spray paint, stencil lettering, glitter, flowers or whatever your heart desires and live out your authenticity, literally!

  Lightweight Linen – Everyone who’s ever been to an indoor concert knows it’s not only loud but sweltering inside those arenas. Therefore make sure you stay cool and dry when you wear an elegant pair of wide-legged linen slacks and matching top along with a pair of strappy sandals or dressy flip flops. This lightweight attire will give you all the energy to move your feet to the beat effortlessly.

 Lacy Dress or Mini Skirts – Whether you’re attending an indoor or outdoor concert with a date, think about wearing a super cute lacy dress or mini skirt fitting for a romantic rooftop venue or an intimate lounge type gathering. Either look you choose, you’re sure to shine brighter than the evening stars!

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Alisha Moore-Woolfork
Fashion Advisor