‘Fix It’ Fashion Provided by Goodwill

Let’s face it ladies, there are those days where we’re just not “feeling ourselves” when it comes to our clothing and how we look in them. We all have those “little things” about us we’d like to change or improve upon; taller, shorter, thinner waist, the list goes on. We know this to be true because beauty products, fad diets, gym memberships, and plastic surgery combined are a multi-billion dollar industry. But who has billions to spend on reconstructive imagery? Not me, that’s for sure. And I’m willing to bet neither do you. So with that in mind, keep reading for a few free fashion tricks that help you hide those not so flattering areas, and give you that boost of unstoppable confidence you need to strut your stuff.

 Muffin Top – Hide the muffin top by going for a high-waist pair of jeans or shorts and avoid clingy form-fitting tops that highlight the mid-section. Draw the eyes up when you opt for a Trapeze or Peplin style shirt which hugs the shoulders and bust-line but flows out in the waist area, giving you a more comfortable feeling. Also, feel free to add a big neck piece helping to bring the focus up.

 Arm Hang – If sagging arms are a trouble spot for you, have no fear ladies, lace is here! It’s a great way to deceive the eyes and still look ultra-feminine. Remember, the brighter, the better here, so go for a red or yellow lace top, or if you’re not too sure, you never go wrong by choosing black. And just like that, problem solved!

  Larger thighs – Dresses and skirts, my dear sister are your friend, especially in the warmer temperatures. Feel easy, breezy, lovely in a free-flowing skirt that tapers out from the waist and provides your legs with a fabulous covering while boosting your confidence 1000%.

 Speaking of fixes; did you know Goodwill has a massive supply of furniture, and home décor items perfect for those upcoming ‘fixer-upper’ projects? And if DIY is your thing, then run on over to any one of Goodwill’s18 retail store locations and load up on antique furniture pieces, artwork and so much more! For nifty DIY ideas visit the Goodwill International YouTube Channel at the following link https://youtu.be/A-sHA4n7k9w

Alisha Moore-Woolfork,
Fashion Advisor