Fresh dressed like a million bucks in back to school gear brought to you by Goodwill

First-year high school and college students alike know the struggles of being the new kid on the block – the difficulty of learning your way around in unfamiliar territory, and the biggest problem of all, making new friends are just a couple of the ups and downs associated with back to school. However, having enough money to cover dorm room groceries and choosing what to wear to class are no longer issues when you shop Goodwill for your back to school fashions.

You’ll find designer clothing for pennies on the dollar or, create your style for the same few pennies at Goodwill. Plus, you’ll save even more money when you shop Goodwill’s half off sales every Saturday at any Goodwill location including all three boutiques; Mason, Montgomery, and Mt. Washington.

Find great buys like this Michael Kors skirt priced at only ten bucks at the Mason store boutique and again, half off that price every Saturday (some restrictions apply). What to do with the other ten dollars? Stock up on dorm room supplies of course like top ramen noodles, pop tarts and potato chips.


Mix and match designer tops and bottoms or stay loyal from head to toe with one designer in particular, either way Goodwill’s is the place to get, get, GET IT.

Find your early morning class look or put a little ‘umph’ in your style as you head off to afternoon classes.    You’ll start from the bottom freshman year, but you’re sure to make it to the top at the end of four years with Goodwill by your side.

For a full list of Goodwill retail locations, hit the link  and let the shopping begin.

**Don’t forget, the first weekend in August is the Ohio Sales Tax Holiday (August 3rd – 5th) Enjoy your purchases minus the sales tax all weekend long.




By Alisha Tyler, Fashion Advisor