Goodwill; Sustainability with Style— Yup, This Is Goodwill!

When we see the color green, naturally we think of things like; St. Patrick’s Day, a golf course, freshly mowed lawns or maybe even our bank accounts. But for the environmentally conscious, the thought of green symbolizes an urgent need to protect the planet at all cost, and understandably so. Especially since we all depend on Mother Earth’s natural resources; water, air, and land for our survival, it’s imperative we make contributing to her protection a part of our daily routines.  And here’s the good part, only Goodwill helps you and Mother Earth look your best, here’s how.

Speakers and blender on a shelfLast year alone, Goodwill helped to recycle more than 55 million pounds of donated product including Textiles (13M), Hard Goods (41M), Cardboard (50K), Steel/Electronics (91K) and Office Paper (35K).In 2014, Goodwill was recognized for its recycling efforts with the “Excellence in Re-Use Award” from Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District. While Goodwill takes pride in its daily and on-going efforts to re-use and renew through its business model of selling donated goods through its network of 18 retail stores, the organization joins with the broader community in its concern about environmental waste and its destructive impact.

The annual celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd is dedicated to enhancing public awareness about the importance of responsible recycling and strengthening efforts to preserve our planet. For more than 100 years, Ohio Valley Goodwill has been committed to responsible recycling with an emphasis on renewing and re-using donated items, diverting them from area landfills.

Goodwill loves the earth graphic with green backgroundLet’s continue working together to reduce all waste specifically textile waste by setting aside Monday, April 22nd, as the day to recycle/donate items from our closets, storage bins, garages and basements to Ohio Valley Goodwill. Remember, this also includes cars, boats, motorcycles, and RVs! If April 22nd is not a good donation day for you, Goodwill’s donation centers are open seven days a week for your convenience. For a list of acceptable items visit

Also, click here for donation site locations

Collage of summer clothing Collage of summer clothing Wedding dressesCollage of colorful clothing

Shop Goodwill and renew your fashion style in an environmentally conscious way by avoiding the fast-fashion frenzy. What is fast fashion? It’s only the second leading contributor to carbon emissions and global warming according to writer Glynis Sweeny in an article written for Eco Watch in 2015. The article goes on to note, “clothing and the retail industry has become a way of life, a weekly pastime and for many an addiction.” And because we are inundated with fancy shopping malls, glossy fashion magazines, catalogs and internet ads who bombard us with opportunities to spend money on clothing, for years we have recklessly bought into the idea of rampant consumerism creating the fast fashion trend. Luckily, Goodwill is a leader in the “recycle, reuse, and relax” way of life working in conjunction with the community to protect Mother Earth for many years to come. Yep, this is the beauty of shopping Goodwill!

Alisha Moore-Woolfork
Fashion Advisor

Reference: Sweeny, G., (2015). Fast Fashion is the Second Dirtiest Industry in the World, Next to Big Oil. Eco Watch Retrieved from–1882083445.html