Have them Green with ‘Style Envy’ this St. Patrick’s Day!

Get inspired this St. Patrick’s Day with a little help from Goodwill where you’re sure to find traditional and unique green clothing for this fun-filled occasion. And to get the maximum benefits of the holiday festivities, don’t put off outfit-planning until the last minute, start now finding the perfect green to avoid getting yourself in a ‘pinch’ this Sunday (pun intended)!

Here’s an important note for all you fashion Diva’s out there: The key to wearing green is in the mix. What does this mean? Simple, mix your green with neutrals and denim to make it POP! In other words, don’t leave it up to luck- purposely make green the star of the show when you dim down other outfit pieces for that St. Patty’s Day money shot!   

Keep reading and prepare to shop Goodwill for one or all of these St. Patrick’s Day looks:

Green Dress – Deciding to don an all green dress means you’ll have to opt for a laid back shoe. Try a black bootie with a low to medium heel or go with a nude heel to make an even louder green statement. You’ll also want to keep accessories to a minimum, remember, we want the festive dress to be the star of the show.


Denim – Should you decide to sport a pair of green denim jeans then go lighter on top with a tan or pale pink shirt or try a white button-up blouse and throw a green cardigan over the top or add a scarf;  preferably one decorated with yellow moons, green hearts or four-leaf clovers. If you’re wearing traditional blue jeans and it’s okay if you are, then light them up with as much green up top as you possibly can.


Office Attire – Be the life of the St. Patrick’s Day office party when you mix your office business pant or skirt suit with a festive expressive St. Patty’s t-shirt and light up the room in style. Be sure to add a few fun accessories or even go for the green gusto with a hat, shades or a green headband, and don’t forget the lucky charm earrings!

And while we’re on the subject of green; did you know when you shop any one of our 18 Ohio Valley Goodwill locations, your dollars are put to good use right here in the community? Here’s how;  Ohio Valley Goodwill, one of the most substantial training and employment providers for individuals with disabilities in the State of Ohio, last year provided training and employment services for over 3500 people. Services include personal skills assessments, job and soft skills training, as well as job placement and retention services.

Further, Goodwill assigns placement specialists and job coaches who not only work closely with employers to meet their business needs but also provide job/retention services to new hires which assist in their full understanding of the expectations of the new employment role. One of the many reasons why shopping Goodwill not only looks good; but feels good!

Alisha Tyler, Fashion Advisor