How to Get Away with a Slay? Wear Red!

There are so many references made about the color red; the lady in red, red red wine, seeing red, and turning red, no wonder red is one of this fall/winter season’s hottest colors. From the runway to the hard-hitting streets, wearing red is the “it” look. But like any other bold statement look, wearing red takes a bit of practice. So before you head out and buy up everything red you lay your eyes on, you’ll want to consider the following tips designed to help you nail red this year brought to you exclusively from Goodwill.

Go All Out – Rock out when you decide to pull up in all red everything. It’s this season’s on-trend look and is guaranteed to give you that fish in a fishbowl feeling; “All Eyez On Me.” So if there was ever a time to be bold by wearing a red blazer or cardigan sweater with red corduroy pants, pin-stripe red blouse, and red shoes, the time is now. To make this color pop, try wearing pants and a jacket of the same red tone, then adding a top that’s lighter, darker or a has a wild pattern. You may even want to try something sparkly.

Pop of Color – Brighten up any look when you throw in that on purpose “pop of color” and let’s be honest, what color pops more than red? Whether it’s on your feet, in your handbag or even on your lips, red is that bright pop your outfit needs to give it life. Also tying a simple red scarf around your neck can liven things up so be creative and add a red pop of color wherever you see fit.

Red with Pink – Red alone is an intense and dramatic fashion statement, but when you mix red with pink, it gives your look a more chic, romantic, and flirty vibe much like a Valentine’s Day card. Traditionally wearing these combinations of colors has been thought of as off limits. So this season, why not shake things up and go for the gusto with a contemporary, modern fashionable look when you combine pink with red. If you’re a little nervous, start small with a pink cardigan over a pink and red flowery print shirt then add a red handbag to accentuate the red elements of the look. Trust me you’ll be glad you did!

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Alisha Tyler
Fashion Advisor




Translation: ‘Pull Up’ – to attend a social function or gathering in style or wearing stylish/trendy clothing.