Ideas on how to honor Mom got you stumped? Goodwill’s Here to Help!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and the burning question on everyone’s mind is, what to do to make Mom feel special? We get it, the task of doing something different each year is somewhat daunting, however, have no fear, Goodwill is the cure for ‘daunting’ because we have 18 retail store locations full of ideas. And just in case you need a little guidance, read further for a few more great Mother’s Day gift ideas brought to you by Goodwill.

 Brunch Dress – Nothing says ‘proud Mama’ like a classic spring floral, print or patterned dress. And why would you go anywhere else to get this great gift idea for mom other than Goodwill? Mom will look great, and you’ll save a ton, and with the money left over, you can splurge on brunch for that special Mom in your life! Not just any brunch though, add a definite “Wow Factor” to the mix when you take your Mom or wife to have brunch at the Taft Museum of Art located at 316 Pike Street in Cincinnati. See the details here. 

 Mommy Memories – There is no gift more heartfelt than pictures. So here’s an idea, stop by Goodwill and load up on unique one-of-a-kind vintage picture frames and surprise mom with a trip down memory lane. Be sure to include lots of photos from your childhood then sit back and watch the waterworks pour down. And for an even more profound tear-jerking moment, throw in some pictures of mom when she was a child for a Mother’s Day she won’t forget. After the gift giving is finished, take Mom to enjoy a BB Riverboat Mother’s Day 2-hour brunch or dinner cruise where at the end of the journey, mom receives a souvenir photo to add to the collection of picture memories she’ll cherish forever. For more info on BB Riverboat Mother’s Day cruises, see the link. 

 Nature Lover – If mom is one who appreciates all things nature, then Goodwill is the place to be to find beautiful artwork that resonates with the outdoorsy individual. Find paintings of trees, flowers, animals, oceans and so much more when you shop any one of our 18 Goodwill retail store locations. And once you’ve found the perfect painting, escort Mom to the Krohn Conservatory for the spectacular Butterflies of Ecuador show “filled with 12,000 butterflies in free flight” for a rainforest or desert feeling that will last a lifetime. For more information about the Krohn Conservatory click the link. 

 While we’re on the subject of Moms, we can’t thank you enough for your long-term support of our efforts to protect Mother Earth by keeping unnecessary waste from our area landfills. Ohio Valley Goodwill takes great pride in recycling more than 55 million pounds of donated items. We’re very proud of our on-going efforts to re-use and renew through our long-standing business model of selling donated goods through our network of 18 retail stores, and will continue to partner with the broader community in its concern about environmental waste and its destructive impact on Mother Earth.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Alisha Moore-Woolfork,
Fashion Advisor