It’s Goodwill, Feel Free to Splurge!

If you’re anything like me an impromptu shopping trip can quickly turn into an—“oops,” I spent too much money guilt trip. It’s easy to understand why! It never fails– when you’re counting your pennies, retail stores have the cutest items in an overabundance causing you to uncontrollably enter into a splurge-like mentality. Meanwhile, on those planned shopping trips where you’ve saved and carefully calculated a nice chunk of change to spend for an upcoming vacation, not one single thing jumps out at you screaming “you cannot leave this store without buying me!” Thankfully, Goodwill has the cure for all levels of shopping emotion, allowing you to fully get your impromptu splurge on without the after guilt feeling. Keep reading for the top 3 summer must-have splurge items:

 Tank tops – The most lightweight, and comfortable piece of clothing a girl can own keeping you cooler than a cucumber on even the hottest of summer days! And thank goodness the tank top is the most versatile and longest-lasting fashion creation around. Meaning, you’re going to need an unlimited supply, so don’t be shy, go ahead and stock up, it’s Goodwill!

 Flip flops – Not just an after pedicure look! Flip flops are a summer fashion staple for women and men of all ages. And what’s great about this summer favorite? You can wear them in just about any setting and still look amazing! Find flip flops in any color or style and wear them with everything from leggings, and shorts to skirts and especially those fantastically free-flowing summer sundresses! And remember, the more elegant the dress, the more sophisticated the flip flop appears. So don’t be afraid to go full on glam here.

 Shorts – Get shorts of all sorts at Goodwill this summer season, and because it’s Goodwill, you have the freedom to splurge deep racking up on every style your eyes can find. Make a statement with crochet, or funky print shorts or opt to do the cargo thing. You can also head straight to ‘Bermuda’ for an ageless, timeless and-oh-so-chic look at a price without guilt.

 Eliminate the guilt when you shop Goodwill for all your fashion needs every season for every occasion because when you do, you create healthy sustainable living habits that not only benefit you and your family but all of us for generations to come. Goodwill is your official ‘Go Green’ headquarters providing guilt-free shopping with a purpose 24/7.

Alisha Moore-Woolfork
Fashion Advisor