It’s Your Look – Own It!

So often when we think about buying clothing, we focus on buying fashionable and trendy pieces worn by our favorite pop or television stars. However, what we should do when we set out to shop is be on a mission to capture your style. And what’s so great about individual style? Well, style my dear friend is free, and totally cannot be bought from any rack or shelf. Style is your own personal look – so don’t be afraid to own it by putting together outfits with your beautiful “self” in mind because let’s face it; it’s the stuff true fashion icons are made of. With that in mind, let’s talk about a few simple yet timeless ways to add some seasoning to your style.

Roll It Up – We already know long sleeves button-ups can sometimes make you feel as though you can’t breathe. But you can give your long sleeved button up shirt some flare when you roll up the sleeves injecting some long overdue relaxation into the mix. Plus, rolled up sleeves just look cool even on the most classic of shirts or blouses.

Knot It Up – Who needs a belt! Define your waistline with a simple knot adding playful creativity to any look. Also, jazz it up when you wear your knotted shirt with a skirt or try adding a pull-over sweater to the mix to go for an even more stylish look that’s all your own.

Tuck It In – Whether it’s a full or a half tuck, tucking in your shirt expresses a modern casual vibe that turns ordinary jeans and t-shirt looks into more of a style statement! Add flavor when you add a belt to your front-tucked in shirt or try a scarf and tie it in a bow to and give it that Ooookkkkkuuuuurrrr’ factor. Or borrow from J. Crew and tuck in just one side of your shirt and keep everyone asking; “was that on purpose?” Whatever you want to do it’s all up to you; that’s the beauty of owning your style!

And as we approach the weekend, here’s another incentive guaranteed to help you own your style. This Saturday, February 16th, everything in all 18 Goodwill store locations will be 50% off with no exclusions. That’s right; you can buy as much as you want for very little coin and be ahead of the game for spring!



Alisha Tyler
Fashion Advisor

Translation: “Ooookkkkkuuuuurrrr” – Amazing, Wow; Nice.