Kick Back this Fall with Hoodies and Sweats from Goodwill

Nothing says fall like hoodies and sweats and let’s face it, some of our favorite things about hoodies and sweats are; they’re always in trend, always casual or stylish, and always help keep the chilly temps at bay. From the gym to the grocery store or hanging out with friends or even making a great first date impression, hoodies are what fall is all about. Check out some fresh ways to rock your hoodies this fall.

  •   Effortless Chic: upgrade your hoodie by wearing it under a vest, blazer or jacket. Although hoodies are comfortable and relaxing, there are those occasions when wearing a hoodie can be chic. Hoodies for the office are a perfect example. Paired with sleek pieces like dress pants, pencil skirts and heels, hoodies in the office defy tradition and bring a certain ‘très chic to a basic look.

  •   Street Style: feeling a bit daring? ‘Come thru’ rocking a hoodie dress with thigh-high boots, sneakers or leggings. Take the hoodie dress look to the next level when you add big hoop earrings, bright red lips, a little mascara, and polished nails. Be bold, be empowering, be fierce but most importantly, be YOU in your hoodie dress this fall.

  •   Workout Style: hoodies with leggings or traditional sweatpants never go out of style. And with the popularity of watching what you eat, and fit bodies in trendy activewear, you’ll enjoy Goodwill’s endless selection of everything including Adidas, Nike, Reebok and more. Today’s activewear is stylish enough to take you from the gym to your favorite java bistro or to grab a quick bite with friends. Travel in comfort when you add a baseball cap and sneakers to this cool extremely effortless look.

The moral of the story is this; think of any outfit on the planet, then pair it with a hoodie and you’re sure to win. Much like when you shop Goodwill for all your fashion needs, you contribute to the more than 3,500 individuals who received skill training, career development, job placement, and life enrichment opportunities as well as the support needed to be fully integrated into their home communities just last year.  You, Goodwill and the people we serve WIN because there is just no way to lose.

Alisha Tyler
Fashion Advisor