Mad Navy Blue Obsession!

Lately and unintentionally, I’ve had this wild love affair with the color navy blue! It almost seems as if my eyes naturally gravitate towards any and everything navy blue and for the longest time, I could not figure out why—until now.

You see, I’ve discovered a few of navy blue’s secrets: The color is classic and timeless like an old school vintage Chevy Camaro. It oozes elegance and gives off an aura of ‘fierce’ reminiscent of fashion icons like Jackie O, Diana Ross or the late Princess Diana. To quote Jane Shepherdson, CEO of the international fashion brand Whistles, “When I see someone in navy, I think they are sophisticated, effortless, not trying too hard but with an innate sense of style.” The successful fashion leader further admired navy blue’s appeal stating the color is “more forgiving than black, less harsh and carries with it a subtle whiff of sophistication. It stripes better than any other color and looks both classic and sharp at the same time.”

So here you have it, folks, a few of my obsessive navy blue favorite outfits brought to you by Ohio Valley Goodwill.


Blue on blue – Navy blue on navy blue takes your look from basic to ‘boss’ in a matter of seconds and is super slimming, super stylish and super trendy no matter the season. Try your favorite dark denim jeans with a navy blue blouse, sweater or t-shirt, and I guarantee you’ll be won over by navy’s appeal.


Navy blue and green – Much like pink and green from back in the day, you’ll want to add navy blue and green to the list of colors that give you the feeling of ‘preppy.’ Throw in a pair of loafers and your good to go; like totally dude!

Navy blue patterns or prints – Have some fun mixing and matching patterns with fun prints or pair either with a solid and you’re all set! My favorite– a long shirt-tail top with a patterned pant and a pair of chic strappy heels on your feet. This look, in my opinion, is very feminine and can be worn as a dressed up look for evening events.

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Alisha Tyler,
Fashion Advisor




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