New Year, New You and Goodwill Is Here to Help!

With just under two weeks left in 2018, the anticipation of a New Year generally triggers ideas of making a few self-improvements; shed a few extra pounds, making better food choices to improve health or to add exercise to our daily routines. All great ideas, however, keep in mind you’re probably going to need to make a few fashion adjustments to your wardrobe for the New Year.

No worries though, we’ll continue our love affair with a few fashion favorites like athleisure wear, jeans, and t-shirts or the little black dress. However, please make room for some exciting new fashion trends for the upcoming year. You may be surprised to find out that you already have a couple of these pushed to the back of the closet. Keep reading to discover just what you’ll need to dig out! 


Animal Print – Nothing brings an outfit to life like an animal print! And when you mix and match animal prints in 2019, you’ll pounce on them in fabulous Goodwill fashion all while saving a ton of loot. Defy restrictions and slip on those rugged, ripped jeans with a solid black blouse, then add your animal print high heel shoes and bag leaving them roaring for more.

Cowgirl Chic – 2019 is officially the time to dust off those cowboy boots and hats and put them on with your pencil leather or pleated skirt and don’t forget your plaid or flannel shirts for a boot-scooting boogie meets runway glamorous good time!

Blast from the Past 80s & 90s – You’ll feel like a fresh prince or princess when you pull out those (dare I say) “vintage” jeans from the 90s paired with a bright bold oversized or off the shoulder sweatshirt and under spaghetti strapped tank top. Feel free to let out a very confident “totally dude” upon observing oneself in the mirror!

Check It Out – They’ll all run to ‘check-up’ on the girl wearing co-ordinated checkered pieces in 2019. Step out in a checkered two-piece suite with a solid top or blouse or play around with checkers when you mix and match tops and bottoms with solids, either way, the results are sure to end with a crown (king me!)


Flower Power – There are few things more feminine than flowers. Flowers seem to make their rounds when it comes to fashion, and that’s why if you were a child of the free flower 60s, you’re sure to have something in your closet with a flowered print and 2019 is the time to give that flower power new life! Pair flower prints with solid denim pants or try mix-matching two prints and textures to get a one-of-a-kind look.

As 2018 inches towards an end, I want to extend my most profound appreciation for your support of the Goodwill Fashion Blog and weekly Facebook Live Broadcast Thursday’s at 1 pm. I am tremendously excited about bringing you more spectacular and affordable Goodwill fashions in 2019; stay tuned!

Alisha Tyler,
Fashion Advisor