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Colder weather means layering up, yet layering up presents itself with its own set of conflicts; what goes with what comfortably, and how many layers are too many layers? Luckily, shopping at Goodwill this winter season makes room for you to find the perfect ways to layer affordably as well as comfortably. Mix and match various coats with sweaters and stock up on fantastic winter wear for the entire family. Plus, you’ll love taking 50% off the price of a coat, sweater, or both when you apply our weekly color tag sale to your purchase.

And since we’re in the season of giving, give the gift of a gently used coat or sweater to a family member, friend, or neighbor this Christmas and bring a smile to someone’s face while also practicing a sustainable lifestyle, which is the gift that keeps on giving.

To find a Goodwill retail store near you, visit and be sure to stop by our newest location in Lawrenceburg Indiana which is 12,000 sq. ft of Goodwill goodness!


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