Rock your Faux Leather Jackets in Style with a little help from Goodwill

How many faux leather jackets are too many? There is absolutely no such thing as too many faux leathers! A girl should have a large variety of faux leather jackets for fall ranging in styles and colors to mix up with everything from jeans to skirts, and sneakers to boots. And if you’re looking for a place that will allow you to stockpile faux leather jackets minus the guilt of overspending–  Goodwill is not only your go-to but will provide you with a few good reasons to justify your significantly extensive fall faux leather collection.

  Confidence Builder – My favorite thing about fall has to be the one-two knockout punch of faux leather jackets paired with faux leather boots. The look is classic and casual, with the power to level-up to chic by throwing in bedazzled jewelry pieces, a scarf or hat. You’re sure to own the room in this winning combination every time!

   Walk on the Wild Side – If edgy is the look you’re going for, then what better way to express it than in black faux leather? Think about it, every “bad girl” you can think of; from Sandy in Grease to Bad Girl RiRi dawned a feisty black leather jacket. However, us earth-friendly girls understand we can achieve the look, save the planet, and not go broke in the process. Speaking of mother earth, can you guess what the last justifying reason can be?

 Mother Earth Approved – We all should be very protective over the environment in which we live as well as the preservation of life, including the lives of our furry four-legged friends. And when you opt for faux leather, you’re making a concerted effort to do just that. Buying gently-used faux leather helps reverse some of the damage already done to our precious Mother Earth. Plus, a mindset geared towards donating is a positive step toward a sustainable living lifestyle. For more information on buying environmentally-friendly faux leather, please check out ‘Good On You’ at for materials that provide you with the look of leather without damaging the earth.

Alisha Moore-Woolfork
Fashion Advisor