Shopping for stylish second hand holiday gifts

The holidays are coming soon; do you know what you’re getting friends and family? 

It is estimated that the average American throws away 81 pounds of clothing a year. Instead of adding to the waste cycle, why not consider purchasing some gifts second hand at Goodwill?

Here’s a few ideas: 


Kids grow out of clothing so fast, why spend a ton on brand new clothing every six months? Put a few second hand outfits under the tree for your kids this year and feel good about it, even if they just toss them aside in search of toys!

Speaking of, interest in some toys wanes quickly. Fill stockings with trinkets found in our toy section. Then donate them back when your kids have grown out of them!


90’s and early 2000’s style is back with a vengeance for teens. Get the teen in your life some high waisted vintage jeans, cropped 90’s style baby tees or heck, just a gift certificate to Goodwill and your gift will be the winner of Christmas! 

Fashionistas and label lovers

This one may take a bit more searching, but finding a top of the line clothing item with “that” label on it for the fashionista in your family will be a gift that’s not forgotten! In addition to newer fashions, Goodwill often has many vintage designer label items as well! And don’t forget to check the shoe section for amazing designer finds, but make sure you know their shoe size! 

Buying a few gifts second hand not only helps the environment, it also is a great way, with some thought, to give someone in your life something unique this holiday season! Happy Holidays!

Find your nearest Goodwill store by clicking here and Happy Shopping!