Show off your team spirit in gear from Goodwill

Every season sports fans all over the world proudly flood stadiums and arenas dressed from head to toe in their favorite team’s colors and jersey’s rooting for a game day victory. Real sports fans know they don’t have to wait for their team to score to cheer; jump up and down and shout for joy before the game when you shop Goodwill for all of your sports gear. From hoodies and jackets to sweats and hats, every die-hard sports fan shops Goodwill for all things ‘team.’

Walk it like you talk it and go hard in the paint at the same time in sporty sneakers from Goodwill. Confirm your shoe game is nothing to play with and be like Mike, Curry, or even Lisa Leslie when you show up and show out in everything from classic J’s to Adidas original hardcourts for a fraction of the cost of retail stores.

Flaunt it like you own it in ripped jeans paired with high or low-tops, a team jersey or hoodie, and a matching beanie, and your friends are sure to call this look a slam dunk.  

 In the stands or on the sidelines, you’ll represent to the fullest every single time in pull-overs or jackets brought to you by Goodwill. And on those colder days, throw in a scarf and gloves so you and your team spirit can go the distance even in overtime. 

 Goodwill is looking for team players just like you to come and be a part of our organization. Head over to and complete an online application for a variety of open positions and join a team that’s been helping people with disabilities and veterans in the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 100 years. And if that doesn’t give you something to cheer about, think about this; Goodwill has been a long-time supporter of sustainable living practices adhering to the triple bottom line of people, planet, and performance since before the term sustainable living was popular. Goodwill was founded on the sustainable principles of environmental and social responsibility. Talk about being a team player. See for yourself at

Alisha Moore-Woolfork
Fashion Advisor