Suit up for work in style

If you’re one of the many women who spend countless hours standing and staring into their closets wondering what to wear to work each morning, then you’re a part of a massive club. On the one hand, comfort is of extreme importance due to the length of time you’ll spend wearing said outfit.  On the other hand, though, you want your office attire to be fashionable, another way to showcase your inner awesome. That said, with the start of this New Year and all the excellent opportunities it will bring, now is a great time to realign your fashion focus with your career goals and Goodwill is here to help make the process affordable. Take note of the below career wardrobe must-haves sure to re-energize your work attire line up:

Dressy Khakis and Denim – Khakis have been steadily gaining huge momentum over the past few years becoming a staple wardrobe piece for work or play. That’s because khakis’ are considerably dressier than denim yet a perfect choice for casual every day wear, that doesn’t mean denim should be counted out. When choosing denim to wear to work and it’s not casual Friday, you’ll want to make sure you choose a solid colored dark dressy appearing denim pant void of rips or tears. Pair your denim pants with a denim blazer type jacket over a bright button up or try a cashmere sweater to add an extra layer of elegance. Throw in a scarf, and voila, you’ve taken your denim outfit to a professional level.

Sweater; Pull over or Cardigan – Let’s face it; there is always a reason to wear a cardigan. Whether it’s a simple waist-length number or a longer sassy boyfriend one, it’s a must that every woman and girl’s closet comes equipped with a few cardigan choices. Keeping that in mind, what better way to spruce up a work outfit than with a classic cardigan or pull-over sweater? Turn a humdrum casual look into something fun when you add a funky sweater or cardigan to the mix!

Classic Suit and Blouse Combo – There is much to be said for the classic blue or black power suit as it often sends a clear straight-forward “boss” message. However, being the boss doesn’t mean your suit has to be predictable and boring. “Boss-up” your suit when you add bold patterns or stripes combined with layers, button-up blouses or even a turtleneck. Or try a belted blazer to give yourself more of an hourglass silhouette. You can also try mixing and matching contrasting jackets and pants I’m sure you’ll find the result to be a polished “boss” look but with a little more of your personality folded in.

Let the ‘skirts’ say amen – You can’t go wrong having a few skirts to choose from for professional purposes. It’s always good to have at least these three types on hand: pleated, pencil and knee length. Regardless of the professional occasion, count on a skirt to give you that supernatural fashion feeling of ‘feminine.’

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Alisha Tyler,
Fashion Advisor