Take Their Breath Away in Wedding Designs from Goodwill

There once was a time when little girls from all walks of life envisioned their wedding day the same;  a handsome Knight in Shining armor riding in on a white horse swooping them up to carry them into a magnificent big cathedral in front of an adoring audience filled with family and friends. These days though, little girls are ditching the Knight in Shining Armor type scenario and are totally okay with walking in on their own two feet- ‘shining!’ Whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid or only in attendance, no other retail outlet gets you ready for wedding season quite like Goodwill. Here are a few ways to shine this wedding season.

Wedding attendee: You’ll have a difficult time trying not to outshine the bride and bridesmaids when you shop Goodwill for a beautiful dress and pantsuits fit for the most formalist of weddings. Try wearing soft colors like pale turquoise or pink for an outside affair or brighten up their lives in something yellow, hot pink or emerald green when inside.

 Bridesmaid: Of course, the color of choice will always be left up to the bride to be; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t throw in some of your style to compliment things. Here are a few suggestions for some of the most popular bridesmaid colors:

  • Lavender/Lilac – Play up this color with silver heels and a clutch bag, then add silver sparkle earrings, bracelets and a necklace. For a little extra bang, throw on a tiara like headband which will accentuate your face and its gorgeous features 
  • Variations of Blue – Nude or Champagne is an elegant accessory choice with this classic wedding color (especially navy blue) for everything from your shoes to your handbag. 
  • Red – Gold for the win with this eye-popping color! What’s great about wearing gold accessories with this one is you can also include make-up like bronzer and eye-shadow for an extra shimmer and shine look, sure to be a show-stopper. 

Bride – You’ll beam with pride while looking stunning in a gown you purchased from Goodwill. Not to mention the tons of coin you’ll save when you shop Goodwill for everything from the dress itself to shoes and accessories the wedding season.

 And once you’ve exchanged vows and are eager to start your new life, you’ll need something sweet to ride off into the sunset in and of course Goodwill has got you covered there too. Stop by our Auto Auction any Saturday beginning at 8 am and bid on something sweet at 9 am for you and your new spouse to ride away. You can also donate an unwanted vehicle to Goodwill’s Auto Auction. Just click the link https://goodwillcars.com/ for information and learn how your donated car, boat, RV or motorcycle helps people with disabilities and homeless veterans also start a new life by assisting them to find meaningful employment within the community. Aren’t win/win scenarios a great thing?

Alisha Moore-Woolfork,
Fashion Advisor