Tee Up in the top 3 T-shirts found only at Goodwill

What’s the one fashion look that regardless of the season never goes out of style (other than denim)? If you said T-shirts, you guess correctly. T-shirts irrespective of the season are a must for any fashion collection. Nothing expresses one’s mood better than a t-shirt from classic to trendy, a selection of dope t-shirts remain a fashion must-have. And who better to provide you with an unlimited variety of T-shirts other than Goodwill. “Tee up” this holiday season with the top 3 exclusive T-shirts you can easily find at Goodwill.

Classic Concert Tee – What better way to express yourself than with a concert t-shirt, what’s great about a classic concert t-shirt especially if you’re a fan of the band or artist is that you can pay homage to your favorites and make a solid fashion statement at the same time, I think they call that, multi-tasking. Rock your concert tee with a pair of sneakers and jeans, or jazz things up by adding a knee boot with a 4-6 inch heel along with a bright colored blazer or cardigan sweater. Don’t forget the dramatic jewelry like bracelets, big hoop earrings, and long dangling necklaces. And if you’re daring enough, try wearing thigh high boots and look extra “Look At Me Now!”


Expressive Tees – Go beyond fashion when your t-shirt swag includes a message. Wear something that not only looks good but has value because it’s supportive of something you’re passionate about. “Say it with your chest” when you wear meaningful t-shirts around campus or simply to run errands guaranteed to create intrigue and may even spark up a conversation when you sport an expressive t-shirt. And what’s better than finding a great t-shirt? Finding that t-shirt at Goodwill because when you purchase from Goodwill, your dollars help Goodwill continue to help individuals with disabilities and homeless veteran’s find jobs in the community. “My name is Alisha, and I approve this message.” 

Designer Tees – Let’s face it, the clothes you wear say a lot about you that includes your choice of t-shirt. So if your style of t-shirt consists of high-end designer names attached to them along with some sort v-neck or high crew neck, then chances are, you’re style is very chic, elegant and baller. Yeah, Goodwill has those too without the expensive price tag. Find a more flattering fit, more wearability and a whole lot of bang for your buck with a designer t-shirt you can wear with jeans for those chill moments or dress up with khakis or a dress pant and wear to work under a nice blazer.

There are so many good reasons to shop Goodwill, and when you do, let your cashier know you’d like to ‘round up’ your purchase. What is round up? Goodwill’s round-up program gives you the customer the ability to round your purchase up to the nearest dollar amount keeping in mind the generated income from these store purchases helps to support Goodwill’s mission to provide job training and employment services for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.


Alisha Tyler,
Fashion Advisor





Translation –
Say it with your chest” – to wear something proudly, showing pride in your apparel.

Baller” – one who is wealthy or has an enormous amount of money.