That Lasting First Impression

We know before a single word is spoken from our lips, that first impression outfit must say everything! And over our lifetimes, we’ll experience about a trillion nerve-wracking, nail-biting firsts but the good news is, Goodwill is here to help you put your best foot forward in any situation and at mind-blowingly low prices. And isn’t it great to know you don’t have to go through such mentally painful experiences alone! Of course, it is, so check out the top 3 first impression situations where you can always count on Goodwill to have your back!

First Date – Nerves are always on 10 when heading out on that first date and whether it’s someone you’ve had your eye on for a while or someone new, the what to wear question always has a tricky answer. Say yes to these colors: Red = shouts confident, bold, loving, and passionate so and why not come across sure of yourself?  Black = shouts classy, charming and enchanting, not to mention it hides those clumsy spills and also those extra winter pounds. Blue = says wisdom, trusting and stable for both men and women looking to make a great first impression on that first date. Side Note Ladies: if you’ll be hanging outside on a first date, go for a fun, soft, feminine color like pink.

 Job Interview – Depending on the company, you’ll want to dress for the job. So that means, if you’re interviewing for the corporate position of your dreams, it’s important to dress as if you already have the job! Consider wearing a traditional business suit or dress but most definitely incorporate a bit (not too much) of your personality into the look (i.e., a bright colored blouse to perk up pinstripes or a traditional black or navy blue pants suit).   

 Meet The Parents – Plunging necklines, skin-tight pants, leggings, daisy duke shorts, halter tops or bareback/mid-drift shirts are a definite ‘No Ma’am’– understood? Do feel free however to wear a great fitting pair of boyfriend jeans or khaki pants with a bright but soft/medium tone to it. For example, an army green or khaki shirt dress with neutral colored wedge sandals, and wicker handbag screams sensible, intelligent yet tre’ chic and sophisticated!  

 Help us to continue making a great impression on our local community and join us in celebrating Goodwill week May 5th – 11th.  What is Goodwill Week? “It’s a time to tell the stories of people we have impacted in the community,” said Goodwill President and CEO of Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, Joe Byrum. Goodwill has proudly helped more than 3500 individuals with disabilities and provided assistance to our nation’s veterans last year making a clearer path for 907 to find jobs within the community. See some tremendous success stories when you click the link. 

Alisha Moore-Woolfork
Fashion Advisor