The latest trends at Goodwill: VSCO Girls

VSCO (pronounced vis-co) girls are one of the latest trends for teen and young adult women. VSCO is a photo editing app for your phone, but the term VSCO girl comes from the style of dress many of the users have adopted. 

Listen, we all know that as soon as “grown-ups” start talking about trends, the trend probably isn’t that cool anymore, right? But let’s also be real; everyone, especially teenagers, love a good bargain! And the VSCO style is extremely easy to achieve at Goodwill without much work! 

What exactly is VSCO style? Well, if you ask anyone in their 30’s or older, it is basically a throwback 90’s style with a few little extras thrown in.

And the awesome thing is, you can get nearly all of it from Goodwill! Here’s what you need:

  1. Large t-shirts: VSCO girls are generally pretty comfortable in their clothing.  Check out our oversized t-shirts and button ups selection. The more vintage looking and 90’s the better.
  1. On the other end of the spectrum, they also wear baby doll tees, cropped or not. 
  1. Distressed light wash denim. Shorts and pants both work!

4.   Birkenstock style or Vans style shoes. 

5.  Backpacks instead of a purse. 

Add a few hair scrunchies as bracelets, lip gloss, a water bottle, friendship bracelets and you’re there!  

Trends are cyclical. This is great news for Goodwill shoppers because our selection covers so many trends at the same time! Whether you’re a VSCO girl, a working mom, kid in school, or a senior, Goodwill has the trends you want! Find your nearest store at