The Top 3 Reasons to Show Up At Goodwill This Week

When you “show up” at Goodwill to shop, we “show out” providing you with tons of unique items you’ll find only at Goodwill. From clothing and shoes to furniture and housewares, there is very little you can’t find when you shop at Goodwill. And with the holiday season now upon us, everyone will be in search of that special holiday gift for the entire family. But in case you need more convincing, here are three MORE reasons to show up and shop Goodwill this week.

Can’t Be Beat Prices – What’s so ‘good’ about shopping at any one of Goodwill’s 18 retail stores? It means you’re getting the best deal on name brand items not only for yourself but everyone on your Christmas list. Trendy names like Michael Kors, Coach, or Ralph Lauren to name a few are easy to find when you shop Goodwill. Plus, you get all of these quality fashions at the lowest prices not to mention the personal value that comes along with finding those ‘specialty items’ that you or the person you love will forever treasure because of the unforgettable sense of achievement knowing you bought something worth so much for so little and the pride that comes along with telling your friends and family; “#igotitatgoodwill!”


Same day merchandise update – The most frustrating parts of shopping traditional retail stores for most of us is: First, they all have the same styles of merchandise meaning you’re more likely to walk past yourself on the street (someone is wearing the same shirt, sweater, pants or jacket as you). Next, they usually run out of popular sizes quickly.  Then to make matters worse, their solution is to have you “order” the product online, wait for it to be delivered just to find out it doesn’t fit properly or it looks better on the hanger. Did you know Goodwill refreshes retail floor merchandise every two to four hours? Feel great knowing every time you enter a Goodwill retail store to shop, the chances are very high that you’re laying your eyes on fresh clothing the customers before you didn’t see giving you the opportunity to create your unique personal style or stay within the realm of on-trend fashion. Shopping Goodwill puts you in control of your fashion look therefore, you absolutely cannot go wrong!

Give back to the community – Meet Jerry Kinebrew who for the past several years was unlucky in finding employment in the local Cincinnati area. About a year ago, Jerry started working for Planet Fitness and is currently a very happy employee with the company thanks to Jerry’s employment specialist Mark Leugers from Ohio Valley Goodwill and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities. Jerry’s mother happily reports; “the job has given Jerry some new found purpose and I am truly grateful for that.” Jerry’s success story is one of many shining examples of why you should show up at a Goodwill retail store this week. And with the growing diverse needs of our communities, along with your help, Ohio Valley Goodwill will continue to mold our programs around the individuals we serve.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to any one of our 17 Goodwill retail locations today. And coming soon our 18th Goodwill store located in the Hamilton area at 1555 Main Street. Keep your eyes out for our Grand Opening real soon.


Fashion Advisor
Alisha Tyler