Want to start a new hobby? Check out Goodwill!

It’s a new year! Most people like to start fresh with a resolution or two. Was one of yours to start a new hobby? Sewing, jewelry making or furniture refinishing perhaps? 

Shop at Goodwill for supplies and you won’t break the bank as you get started on your new endeavor!

Here’s where to begin: 


Are you inspired by the pages of Vogue? Or do you want to make your own unique clothing? 

Clothing from Goodwill is a great way to learn about construction. Take a jacket or pair of pants apart and see if you can sew it back together. Or just grab some items like sheets, blankets or even large shirts in cool prints or fabrics and cutting them with a purchased sewing pattern. The options are endless! Who needs a fabric store when you have Goodwill?  

Jewelry Making

Want to make your own unique jewelry creations? Check out Goodwill’s jewelry selection for necklaces and other pieces your can deconstruct for beads, jems, clasps, brooches and more. You will definitely make something one of a kind!


Goodwill is a prime spot to find furniture to refinish and re-do. Pick up a side table, chair or dresser, strip it, repaint, add designs, new pulls or knobs and you’ve got a whole new piece of furniture! The fun is in the process too!

These are just a few ideas, but options are endless! For example, if you want to start reading, get some new titles from Goodwill! Or maybe you want to start exercising? Check out our selection of workout gear on a budget!

If you start a new hobby with supplies from us, don’t forget to tag us on instagram! Good luck!