Why Shop at Goodwill?

About GoodwillSmart shoppers know that you can find the best values in town at Goodwill’s network of 18 conveniently located stores and boutiques, but did you know that when you shop at Goodwill you are actually helping people in your community?

It’s true! For over a century, Ohio Valley Goodwill has been helping individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment to receive skill training and obtain jobs in the Greater Cincinnati area. Proceeds from the sale of generously donated items in our stores help to fund our employment and training services. Each year, Goodwill helps an average of 3000 people to become tax-paying, productive citizens in our community. To find out more information about Ohio Valley Goodwill and its programs and services, please visit here.

Shopping at Goodwill is also an environmentally conscious thing to do. Re-using and renewing gently worn items and donating unwanted items are responsible ways to practice green living. Throughout Goodwill’s 100+ year history, the organization has been an environmental pioneer in re-using, renewing and re-purposing, diverting more than 52,000,000 lbs of unwanted items from landfills each year.

Ohio Valley Goodwill also works to recycle more than 1,000,000 lbs of unwanted computers and electronic equipment in partnership with our generous donors from area landfills … Congratulations Greater Cincinnati on this major recycling achievement! For a list of donation locations and home pick-up options, please visit here.

Thanks to you Greater Cincinnati for your support of Ohio Valley Goodwill by being smart shoppers and responsible donors. We appreciate you!

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