What to Shop for

Goodwill’s network of 19 stores including boutiques are filled with ever-changing merchandise that can help you create the look you want and at the very best prices in town! Whether you are a trend-setting “fashionista” or a frugal mom trying to live on a budget, Goodwill can help! Check out some of the sales selections listed below and remember, Goodwill really is a treasure hunter’s paradise!

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Goodwill offers low prices everyday and a large selection of clothing with sizes and styles for everyone!
Our clothing is carefully inspected to ensure cleanliness and quality. Our merchandise is sized and displayed to make shopping easier for you. Clothing is stocked daily to provide a constantly changing assortment.
Did you know that last year, Goodwill stores in Greater Cincinnati sold 1,428,229 pieces of clothing?! These items were purchased by shoppers who know how to shop for bargains – People just like you!

Shoes and Accessories

Goodwill offers a large selection of shoes, purses, belts, ties and other accessories. There are always a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors to choose from. The best part is…at Goodwill, shoes and accessories are at the best bargain prices everyday.


Whether you are looking for vintage white plates or unique-looking wine glasses, you can find it all at Goodwill. New selections are placed on our display shelves daily for your shopping pleasure. All items are inspected and priced according to the quality, condition and style. You can always find something interesting, different or just plain fun every time you shop at Goodwill.


Goodwill has an ever-changing selection of furniture items including couches, chairs, dressers and more! You can find just about anything you might need or want at our 19 stores and boutique locations – even brand new furniture. Selections vary based on availability and of course, everything is one of a kind.
TIP: If you are looking for a specific item, you should go to Goodwill frequently. All items are on a first-come, first-served basis and the better items sell right away.


Goodwill has a great selection of decorative and everyday linens to provide just the right touch to your home décor. Each item is thoroughly inspected for cleanliness and quality and the prices are great!


At Goodwill, you can find an assortment of jewelry that is ever changing. Whether you’re looking for antique and collectible jewelry, novelty and fun jewelry or fashion jewelry to complement your unique style, Goodwill can be your jewelry shopping headquarters!


Goodwill sells books for bargain prices! We have an ever-changing selection of books ranging from murder mysteries to romance novels and all at amazingly low prices. Hardback books start at only $1; paperbacks at $.50. You can also find videos, CD’s, collectible record albums and more on our display shelves.


Goodwill can be a collector’s dream come true! Our collectibles often include assorted antiques, pottery, figurines, artwork and jewelry just to name a few. All items are inspected and priced based on condition and value. The best part is, new things are added everyday to our display shelves. If you love treasure-hunting, Goodwill is the place for you!


Yes, believe it or not, you can purchase a car at Goodwill! To find out more about our weekly Auto Auction, visit www.goodwillcars.com.