Why wearing “All Black Everything” never goes out of style!

Why wearing “All Black Everything” never goes out of style!

Typically when we think about wearing all black, it’s for a funeral, but wearing all black is not just for funerals. All black is the quintessential color for all things elegant, classic, chic, edgy, bossy and confident. Plus wearing all black has its perks because it makes getting dressed easy as it takes the hassle out of deciding what to wear. So for all you folks who shun wearing all black, here are three reasons to make you reconsider:

Regardless of the season, all black is appropriate. Winter, spring, summer or fall you’ll never go wrong wearing all black from head to toe. Wearing all black is the ultimate freedom as there are no offseason rules when you decide to wear all black.

Wearing all black is the perfect way to slim down for that special event. Let’s face it, we all have those moments in life when we indulge in sweets too much or get a little too comfy on the couch binging our favorite shows on Netflix. All black outfits keep our little secrets hidden and allow us to feel fabulous and look good at the same time.

You always match when you wear all black not to mention there is just a touch of mysteriousness to the girl who enters a room in all black. Keep them guessing every time; is she serious, or playful? What will be noticeable though is your incredible sense of style! 

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Alisha Tyler
Fashion Advisor