You’re Never Fully Dressed Without Accessories!

It goes without saying that accessories can either make or break an outfit. The right scarf perfects an ordinary pair of jeans and t-shirt combo, and the right heels take a simple little black dress to super glam in a matter of 3.2 seconds. As every woman who’s ever spent any time shopping for and putting together an immaculate outfit knows, the devil is most definitely in the details! Here’s how to add the much-needed exclamation point to your outfit! 

Make A Statement Jewelry – If you are one who is comfortable wearing things that turn heads, here’s an idea that may be perfect for you: go all-in with one bold piece of jewelry and keep everything else to a minimum. First, you’ll want to decide where to shine–ears, wrists, or neck. Going with the neck is easy because extravagant neck pieces are easy to find and are sure to command attention upon entry into any room. Remember, to pull this look off it’s imperative that everything else you wear is minimal; post earrings, solid color clothes, and shoes (the key is to draw the eye immediately to the neck).

blue shoes brown heels black and gray heels


Consider the Occasion Shoes – No accessory is more powerful than a great pair of shoes. Shoes have the power to translate the vibe you’re trying to convey and the occasion you’re dressing for, think about it: Pull up in your favorite boyfriend jeans, flannel button-up, hoop earrings and faux leather jacket for an edgy, sporty look. Wear the same jeans, flannel, hoops and faux leather with knee or thigh-high leather boots with 6-inch heels and you’ve transformed your look into something sophisticated and very feminine. Make fashion magical when you find a great pair of shoes for any special occasion.

Consider Colorful or Print Purses or Handbags – If you grew up in the ‘80s as I did, you probably remember the bright, bold fluorescent look that was very popular; think Wham, Madonna or Cyndi Lauper. Today, carrying a purse or handbag to liven up your outfit is not only trendy but very necessary especially if you’re planning to attend a holiday party this month. Playing around with proportions from big oversized purses to small shimmery handbags allow you to seal the deal on your outfit. For an even bolder look, go for purses or bags with patterns or prints or try a backpack purse and free up your hands altogether.

Remember ladies; you’ll only get one chance to make a grand entrance so don’t be afraid to ‘go for it’ with your accessories!

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Alisha Tyler, Fashion Advisor